1. What is 1MobileSpy?
  2. How does 1MobileSpy work?
  3. How do I install 1MobileSpy?
  4. How do I uninstall 1MobileSpy?
  5. How do I access 1MobileSpy in windows?
  6. How do I access 1MobileSpy via my cell phone?
  7. Will users know if 1MobileSpy is running?
  8. Can users uninstall 1MobileSpy?
  9. Can users stop Win Spy Software from running?
  10. What is rooted and unrooted?
  11. How do I root my phone?
  12. Will 1MobileSpy work with iphone?
  13. Can I monitor more then one phone using 1MobileSpy?
  14. Can I try 1MobileSpy before I purchase?

1) What is 1Mobile Spy?
One Mobile Spy is  the next generation of smartphone surveillance spy software. It operates in Stealth. With your cell phone, you can monitor multiple Android devices from anywhere in the world, using your phone or pc browser. 

2) How does Mobile Spy work?
When your Mobile device is used. 1Mobile Spy captures phone data and stores it on our servers.
At any point in time - you can login to our servers using any browser and view the phone data.

3) How do I Install and run 1 Mobile Spy?
After purchase, you would download and android setup file. Run this file on the phone you want to spy on.

4) How do I Uninstall Mobile Spy?
a) Login to your Mobile Spy account
b) Select the User you want to remove and click on the remove button.

5) How do I access Mobile Spy in windows?
Login to your Mobile Spy account using your browser

6) How do I access Mobile Spy via my Cell Phone? 
You would use your cell phone browser to access your account in 1mobile spy.

7) Will users know if Mobile Spy is running?
1MobileSpy processes are masked with other normal process names. This makes it difficult for users to indentify the procedd.

8) Can users uninstall Mobile Spy Software?
No users cannot uninstall the software.

9) Can users stop Mobile Spy Software from running?
No, users will not be able to stop this process.

10) What is rooted and unrooted?
PS see this link for difference

11) How do I root my phone?
Different phones have different procedure in Rooting. I suggest looking online on Google for rooting procedure for your phone.

12) Can 1Mobile Spy work with iphone?
No, Currently only works with Android device.

13) Can I monitor more then one phone?
You you can monitor as many devices you want via one account. But Note: you will need to purchase additional license for every device you would like add to your account.  the current license you purchase will enable you to monitor 2 devices.

14) Can I TRY Mobile Spy before I purchase?
Yes, click on the live demo button.
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